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Located 160 km north of North Bay on Highway 11N, outside of the town of New Liskeard otherwise known as The City of Temiskaming Shores. As you arrive at New Liskeard, you will descend a large hill, which gives you a great view of the clay belt valley. At the bottom of the hill turn right onto a clover leaf loop leading to Hwy 65 West. At the stop sign turn right onto Hwy 65 west, go 10 km out to Twin Lake Road. Turn left onto Twin Lake Road. Go 4 km and the Club Property will be on the right hand side. (#785503 Twin Lake Road, Hudson, ON). Turn in and you have arrived.

2022 Bullseye Club Executive

President - Peter McNaughton

Vice-President - Paul Maurice

Treasurer - Tanya Blackburn

Secretary - Susan Pittman

Membership - Dave Walton

Archery -

Shotgun - Fred Ciraco

Rifle - Gary Pittman

Handgun - Duane Regimbal

For any information please email us at

Thank you for contacting the Temiskaming Bullseye Club. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

The New Liskeard Revolver Club was located in Haileybury in the mid 1970s. Run by Art Bond, Geo Carragher, Lloyd Heikkila.

Then it was relocated to the Mowat Landing road property where vandalism forced them to relocate to the Twin Lake property.

The Temiskaming Bulls Eye Club was formed in 1978 with the first President being Chuck J. Coull.

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